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What is a Flagstone and Where is it Used?

Flagstone is a flat sedimentary rock that is quite popularly used for paving slabs, fences, flooring, roofing, patios, and walkways. It is also used as headstones, for memorials, building facades, and in construction.

Distinctive Features of Flagstone Pavers

When homeowners install flagstone pavers, it makes their house stand out from the crowd.  Flagstone is available in red, buff, and blue colors commonly although exotic colors are available too. Flagstone is a kind of sandstone made of quartz and feldspar that is bound together with calcite, silica, or iron oxide. It is these cementing materials that give it its particular color. When laid out for landscaping, it adds to the beauty of the place as every flagstone slab has its own unique patterns. Talented landscapers are able to create visually stunning landscapes using this versatile material.

Advantages of Using Flagstone Pavers

Its durability and toughness are what makes it stand out from the rest of the paving materials. It does not corrode or disintegrate even under the harshest weather conditions and can last for centuries. It provides traction and protects people from slipping. There are 2 main types of flagstone, namely patio and select. Patio flagstone is used on walkways or driveways. It can be laid in imaginative ways and the gaps filled in with gravel or pebbles in contrasting colors. The beautiful patterns that come naturally on flagstone make it ideal to create a raised patio. People buy flagstone to display small plants and rockery too. The select or standup flagstone is suitable for larger areas. It has also been used as roofing and siding and also on countertops.

How To Install Flagstone Pavers?

Flagstone pavers installations should ideally be done by professionals to get the best effect and also to ensure it is stable after laying. Flagstone is a natural stone and can be a lot more expensive than concrete pavers. Using professionals will ensure you buy only what is needed.  They can also help you to decide the thickness and width you need for your particular project.  Sand, decomposed granite, or cement can be used as the base material for installing flagstone pavers.

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