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Top 5 Swimming Pool & Spa Tiles

A pool is a popular focal point in many yards. Therefore, having eye-catching pool tiles is a must to draw people to your property. However, having tiles that are water-resistant, durable, and easy to clean are vital variables. There are several types of swimming pool and spa tiles to choose from, and they all produce a different but lovely and alluring look to any pool and spa. Choosing the right pattern can easily influence the value of your yard and pool. 

Below are the top five types of pool tile you can consider before buying your pool tile. 

  1. Pillowed Tiles

If you are looking for a softer look to your pool, pillowed swimming pool and spa tiles are what you are looking for. They provide a comfortable and welcoming dimension to your pool that other types would not. They get their name since their outer appearance looks like soft, cotton pillows.

As for the color selection, it is recommended that you choose a blue or aqua color. Most water and ocean colors go well with most swimming pools. However, their greatest advantage is that this kind of tile is completely water-resistant, so you will not have to worry about replacing them for a long time.

  1. Frosted Glass Mosiac Tiles

If you are looking for a more unique look for your pool, a frosted glass swimming pool and spa tile would be a great choice. Their iridescent texture makes it look like pieces of a frozen lake. These tiles will especially harmonize with the pool as they can make beautiful rainbow reflections against the sunlight. Having such a luxurious aesthetic would make your pool very eye-catching. 

  1. Staggered Brick Mosaic Tiles

Besides squares, rectangle-shaped tile patterns are also good choices for a pool tile and come in a large variety. The subway arrangement of the swimming pool and spa tiles will give you a unique, off-beat pattern that many may like. 

A good color combination for this type of tile would be blue, yellow, and green. These colors would provide a natural-like coloring to the pool, especially if you base your pool style on a natural spring. The greener color will give a life-like variable to your spring-type pool.

  1. Stacked Square Tiles for Swimming Pools

If you want to have several shades and colors of blue included in your swimming pool and spa tiles, then stacked square tiles are the best choice. Due to their small, 1×1 pattern, this allows you the most flexibility in your options, whether you choose multiple colors or one solid shade.

One main thing this tile is most known for is its gloss. Gloss is what adds overall glamor to the pool and can enhance the broad appeal of the pool if used correctly. By matching the color of the swimming pool and spa tiles with the colors of the pool and spa, it can create a beautiful balance between the water and tile. 

  1. French Pattern Modular Mosaic Tiles

Probably the most unique of the five choices, the French pattern modular mosaic swimming pool and spa tiles consist of both rectangular and square tiles together. This adds a unique dimension to this tile that other types do not have. Out of all the options, they provide the most amount of elegance and beauty to a pool or spa. They look incredibly gorgeous when they are viewed underwater. They add a dazzling effect that will make your pool stand out against any other. 

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Bottom Line

While it is ultimately up to you what kind of tile you would like to add to your pool, there is a lot to consider when choosing your swimming pool and spa tiles. Following the suggestions above will help you save time in your search. Whether you prefer a classic blue design like stacked square tiles or a new, unique look like French patterns or frosted glass, a tile pattern is always available that will match your standards and tastes. Calling on a professional’s opinion does not hurt either, as they can point you to the swimming pool and spa tiles that you will not only like, but will also heighten the value of your property and yard. By using the tips provided above, you can make your pool the envy of all in your neighborhood.

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