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Tips on Using Decorative Rocks And Landscaping Rocks

Decorative landscaping rocks not only improve aesthetics and functionality of your yard, but they are also beneficial to the environment and your wallet. Since they retain water and minimize the watering needed, you limit your water usage and spend less money on water. Decorative landscaping rocks are a beautiful addition to your landscaping project! We have listed some tips to keep in mind when planning and preparing for your landscaping project with decorative rocks.

Decorative rocks

Here are the tips for using Decorative Rocks And Landscaping Rocks

Tip 1 : Remove weeds and Place a  Layer of Lining

Some people think all they need to do is scatter the decorative rocks before preparing the surface underneath. A very important step to making sure your landscaping looks and stays nice is to remove unwanted weeds and use a layer of lining. The lining will prevent weeds from growing and stop landscaping rocks from sinking into the soil when wet. If you dig a 4-6 inch trench before placing the lining and push the fabric into the trench, the fabric will remain more secure during inclement weather. 

Tip 2 : Select Decorative Rock Wisely

Carefully select the right decorative rock for your project. With so many types of rocks to choose from, it can be overwhelming. Take your time figuring out the color, shape, size and texture you prefer your landscaping rocks to have.  You can obviously mix colors for aesthetic reasons, but do some research on the different types of decorative rocks and their specific benefits before shopping for rocks for your landscaping project. And don’t forget, we’re here to help!

Tip 3 : Choose Rocks Based on Plants in Your Garden

Look closely at the plants and flowers in your garden. Which type of decorative rock would look best with your landscaping garden? Match the colors of the rocks you choose with the colors of the flowers in your yard! There are even specific benefits that each type of landscaping rock has, so decide which benefits would best match up with your plants and their needs.

Tip 4 :Mix Different Sizes of Rocks Around Plants

Making displays around your plants that include both boulders and average-sized rocks can make for a super eye-catching yard. Don’t be afraid to mix things up and be different! Bigger rocks can also be used to line walkways and driveways, for a classy addition to the outside of your home.

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