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Tips On How to Install Flagstone Patio

Are you planning to refurbish your property’s exterior areas and want to install a flagstone patio? Flagstones are a great way to add the “wow” factor to your outdoor space especially if you’re an avid gardener or like spending time outdoors. Flagstone is a flexible decorative rock that may be used by anyone. Each piece is unique, natural, and is typically flatter than most natural patios and walks. It could be a nice decorative rock for your outside space, but it all depends on your needs. Read on to learn more about the flagstone patio installation process. 

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The Flagstone Patio Installation Process

Do you know how flagstone patios are made? Are you looking for advice or help on how to construct a flagstone patio? A dream home generally has a green and proper yard. One thing that would make it look more complete is a patio. Patios are all the rage these days and almost every household has one. There are different kinds of patios, but one that is gaining popularity is a flagstone patio. This style of patio uses the natural cut of rocks to build the base giving it a natural and more earthy look. This is a much more economical style and the installation is relatively simple. Let’s look at a few steps to install the flagstone patio of your dreams:

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1. Get the Correct Equipment and Codes

Before starting on any kind of construction it is important to tackle two things; equipment and raw materials, and construction codes and permission. You can design your own patio or hire a professional to do the job, but before you do so remember to make a list of equipment and raw materials that will be required during the construction process. One of the most important factors is to get the permission and codes for the construction of patios. Lookup for the required rules and regulations according to your state and apply for the permissions as required.

2. Scope Out Your Terrain

Our backyards are generally modeled according to the weather and terrain we live in. For example, If you live in a place where it rains, then a flagstone patio is perfect to protect your plants from the water run-off. Get a good idea of your terrain and then plan and buy your materials accordingly.

3. Measurements and Measurements

Bust out all those measuring tapes and scales, as the first step is to decide how big you want your patio to be. Depending on the shape of your patio, create an exact layout of the patio. Put in stakes or rods to keep track of the length and the midpoint. This can be done using strings as well.

4. Get Your Hands Dirty, and Let’s Get Digging

This is where the fun starts. Once all the markings and slopes have been made, it’s time to dig. Before digging, get rid of the unwanted vegetation and dirt for a clean and smooth surface. Depending on the thickness of stones and the size of the patio, you will have to dig the surrounding area.

5. Gravel Time

The next step is to lay the foundation. Traditional patios use concrete, but flagstone patios use tightly packed gravel. This is to ensure a smooth base and even surface for your patio. This also protects the patio in the long run. After this add a layer of final composite gravel to finish it off.

6. Stones Galore

Now that your base is ready, it is time to lay down the stones. Based on your color choice and preference select the stone and lay them down as per your design.

7. Leveling and Filling in the Gaps

The last step before getting your finished product is to level the stones. This is an important step as it will ensure that you are left with a smooth and even surface. The final step is to fill in the gaps using sand and gravel or soil as well. Pack it in well and then water it to settle it down. And your patio is finally complete!

Now that you’ve learned about the technical way to install a flagstone patio, read on to learn more about the installation process.

A Recap on Things to Remember

  • You should prepare and grade the land of your outdoor living areas
  • You should dig out 3-6 inches of the ground 
  • Make a gravel base
  • Include decomposed granite as the top layer
  • Assemble the flagstones randomly like a puzzle
  • If necessary, cut stones to fit into the ground 
  • Each individual stone should be levelled properly 
  • Then simply fill in the spaces between the stones
  • Layer the flagstones according to your liking

Mentioned above is just a simple do-it-yourself way to install your own flagstone patio. You can always hire a professional for a more complex design. These are an economic and friendly addition to your home!

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