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The Modern Rules of Decorative Rock

Decorative rocks have a lot of benefits, aside from the fact that it is the perfect addition to your garden, patio and yard. The uses are endless when it comes to the application of river rock. If you find yourself searching “decorative rock for sale,” Rock and Block Hardscape has just the selection for you. First, let us break down the modern purposes and benefits of decorative landscaping rocks. We know, it can be overwhelming to see the options when it comes to the different types of landscaping rocks and their various uses, but we hope that having all of them explained in this single article will help you understand them better.


Decorative Rock and Its Various Applications

You can use decorative river rocks for your outdoor gardens, fountains, edging, walkways, flagstone joints and so on. You can create DIY designs in your yard with decorative rocks to truly make passers by have a double take.


Decorative Rock and Its Benefits

While grass dries out quickly in the summer, decorative rock retains moisture from the few rains San Diego receives. This helps save your plants from withering away. The fact that decorative rock saves so much moisture also saves you money, as you are not spending so much watering grass and plants that are already long gone.


The Various Types of Landscaping Rock

Decorative Rocks: Decorative rocks come in many colors and are used for many purposes, including creating eye-catching designs and adding aesthetic appeal to walkways.

Decorative Decomposed Granite: Decomposed granite is formed from broken down granite rock. It retains moisture more effectively than other types of rock and requires minimal maintenance. We find that DG best suits garden paths, driveways, patios and walkways. They are environmentally safe and reduce heat caused by concrete and asphalt. 

River Rocks: River rocks are a broad type of rock, as they come in a variety of different sizes, colors and textures. River rocks are commonly used for landscaping, construction material for walls, walkways, and are even used for interior design projects.

Pebbles: Landscaping pebbles help prevent soil erosion. They are a less expensive option, and they last long. A huge benefit of pebbles is that they avoid weed growth. Not only do they add coverage to a pathway, but they also add contrast and texture. Pebbles are a great choice when in search of decorative garden rocks, as they add beauty to a garden with various flowers and plants.

Flagstone Rocks: Flagstone is a type of sedimentary rock that is thick, yet easily breaks into thin layers. Flagstone has more applications than most rocks due to its ability to be split into thin layers. It can be used as tile, pavers, stone veneer and more.

Decorative Gravel: Gravel can be used in decorative concrete, as it is smaller than a lot of rocks. It is perfect for driveways, garden beds and pathways. Its biggest benefit is that it provides damage and erosion control.

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