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Landscaping – The Finer Elements


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When it comes to home improvement, the term that one is bound to hear regularly is landscape. Landscape refers to how the natural and man-made elements in an outdoor space, say for instance, a yard, are made to blend in perfectly. Landscaping requires planning and an aesthetic sense. Some key elements of landscaping include lines, texture, colors, mass and form.

Lines, mass and form

Vertical and horizontal lines convey different means. Vertical lines suggest a formal approach whereas horizontal lines or curves appear to be gentle. This is taken into consideration while designing a pathway or driveway. Mass refers to the size of the structures placed in the yard. This depends on the total area of the yard and the space one can afford within these boundaries. Form refers to the shape of these structures. The forms of structures can be both rectilinear and irregular.

Colors and texture

All the colors used in a space should blend in so as to be aesthetic. Care should be taken not to use a color that does not blend in as it could change the entire mood of the setting. The final element is the texture of a structure. Texture refers to how a structure feels. The experts at Rock and Block hardscape, suggest the use of rugged and rustic textures for Temecula as it is famous for its wineries.

The pillars of landscaping

Hardscape and Softscape are two pillars of landscaping. Hardscape refers to the use of hard materials like wood, stone and bricks, etc. to improve the premises whereas softscape refers to the vegetation and flora used to elevate the aesthetics of the space. The primary difference between hardscape and softscape is that the former involves the use of inanimate objects like rocks and stones whereas the latter involves the use of living things like flowering plants. Residents of San Diego County and Riverside County have benefited from the services of Rock and Block hardscape. They not only provide everything one would require for hardscape but also home d├ęcor products like vases, urns, hangings and signs.

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