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Retaining Walls And Their Purpose

Why Do You Need A Retaining Wall?

Retaining walls help to prevent soil erosion by holding back the soil materials and withstanding lateral pressure of soil.  It prevents soil from sliding down a vertical or steep slope.  There must be proper drainage behind the wall to prevent hydrostatic pressure from causing the wall to collapse.  A combination of water and soil may exert too much pressure on the foundation leading to overturning and other accidents.  Retaining walls are made of concrete blocks, bricks, rocks, treated timber, boulders, and poured concrete amongst others.

Retaining walls

Gravity are not very tall and depend on their own setback and weight to hold back the soil.  They are made with heavy and strong materials such as cast-in-place concrete, stones, or large concrete blocks.  Reinforced retaining walls need reinforcement from grids and geogrids to help it retain the soil behind it.  Cantilevered retaining walls are used in deep excavations and are in the shape of an inverted T.  They are made up of mortared masonry or reinforced concrete.  Counterfort walls are tall retaining walls that use concrete webs placed at an angle to increase the strength of the wall.  Pile walls near marine locations, panel walls near highway ramps, and gabion mesh walls using wire mesh boxes are other types of retaining walls.

The primary function of a retaining wall is to prevent soil erosion.  These walls prevent rainwater from washing away the soil from your garden.  It is commonly used in landscaping to create different layers of garden especially when you have a sloping garden.  It helps to create a greater amount of usable space in your garden.  Retaining walls can be seen in formal gardens and traditional settings to create more usable beds and to implement better landscaping ideas.  Drainage also improves with  retaining wall ensuring you do not have muddy wet areas after a downpour

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