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 Is Artificial Turf Really Eco-Friendly?

Artificial turf is not usually the first thing people think of when asking for an eco-friendly yard. Common concerns such as what the material is made from, possible chemicals involved, or if it’s pet and child-friendly are often brought up. Surprisingly, it’s quite the opposite. Artificial turf solves a lot of problems that natural grass has. A natural grass yard requires weeding, watering, mowing, and other things to maintain and look aesthetically pleasing. On the other hand, artificial grass doesn’t require any of that, which means that it’s not only good for the environment but will also save you time and money. 

Everyone is looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint and do their part to improve and maintain the ecosystem. Installing artificial turf is a great way to contribute. It’s not simply a fake lawn made of plastic or stiff fabric. Many companies have worked tirelessly to use environmentally safe materials and make the artificial turf look as realistic as possible. Especially if you’re trying to create a drought-resistant yard, synthetic turf is one of the best ways to help conserve water. Such an investment will be worth your while in the long run.

What Is Artificial Turf?

Artificial turf is man-made grass created from synthetic or polyethylene materials. It’s generally made similarly to a carpet, with a firm backing and synthetic grass blades stitched with machines. Some even have brown material sewn in with it to make it look like dirt or dead grass underneath it. It’s also made durable enough to last many years and does not need to be replaced for some time after installment. This adjustment makes many kinds of artificial grass look genuine. It’s clear that artificial turf has improved rapidly over the years for it to look like real grass for everyone to enjoy.

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How is Artificial Turf Eco-Friendly?

  1. No Harmful Chemicals

To keep a lawn looking clean and pristine, homeowners use pesticides and herbicides to deal with weeds and unwanted bugs infesting their yard. However, chemical treatments can also damage the grass itself if the wrong type is applied or not applied correctly. There’s also the risk of these chemicals damaging the water supply and potentially harming children and pets. With artificial turf, homeowners don’t have to worry about this. No chemicals need to be used to maintain it, saving money and giving you more time to use your yard how you would like without worrying about pesky weeds sprouting on the green lawn and keeping your water supply fresh and pristine. 

  1. Using Less Water

To maintain a healthy lawn, you’ll need a lot of water. Without constant it, grass will turn brown and lose its appealing green color. However, water shortages and droughts have made it difficult for homeowners to consistently water their grass. Some states have even installed water regulations in certain areas, only allowing sprinklers to water lawns a few times per week or month. This also makes water more expensive when it is limited and monitored in such a way. With artificial turf, you can bypass any issues that drought or water shortage brings and save money. Since artificial grass always stays green, water isn’t required to maintain the color.

  1. Less Maintenance

No one likes to mow the lawn. However, keeping your yard nice and clean for yourself and guests is a necessary chore. Mowing, fertilizing, weeding, spraying for bugs, and plenty of other maintenance is required to uphold a pristine yard. Artificial turf will eliminate these tasks since synthetic grass doesn’t grow, so no maintenance is required. Not only will this save you money on equipment or lawn-mowing services, but time as well so that you can use it to enjoy your summer days rather than waste time doing mundane yard chores.

  1. Lower Health Risks

Pets, and even young children, can have a habit of biting or eating grass when occupying an outdoor space. Fortunately, through thorough testing, companies have worked to ensure that artificial turf is a safe product for any homeowner interested in purchasing it. Many companies have worked tirelessly on their synthetic grass to ensure it’s all lead-free and entirely safe for animals and young children. They create their artificial grass using the highest quality of materials and not using chemicals harmful to young kids or pets when making the product.

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