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How to Plan and Design a Flagstone Patio and Walkway?

If you want a unique, earthy looking outdoor space, then flagstone patio is exactly what you need to choose for your patios and walkways. Here are some things to think about when you work with flagstone

What To Consider When Choosing Flagstone?

If you are considering a flagstone patio, then an essential thing to think about is the kind of flooring that will work best. The best flooring choice will depend on the activities you intend to use the space for and who will be using it. A great thing about choosing flagstone is that the stones don’t need mortar to be fixed; correct compaction with sand and gravel is all that is required. 

When you use flagstone, choose low growing ground cover plants, small flowering plants, or grass for a softer look. Placing the flagstone further apart and allowing grass to fill the space between the stones creates a natural-looking space. Since flagstone naturally looks like irregular shapes, they can be fit together to form a puzzle-like appearance. Diversify your yard and highlight an area by mixing your flagstone. Flagstone is steady, long-lasting, and distinctive, so there are lots of ways to get creative!

Design Trends to Styling Walkways

The first steps to designing a walkway are deciding the location, choosing the look you want to achieve, and picking the right type of stone. Dark grey or blue rectangular flagstones are often used in formal walkways, while cut stones lend a more contemporary look. Stick to one shade of flagstone to create focus or emphasis. Warm hues like brown, yellow, or red create an earthy look that can be accentuated through a patchwork effect. Flagstone is often used because it lends a natural look and visual appeal. 

Any flagstone patio supplier will tell you that flagstones come in every shape and size so they can be used for any walkway. Always remember to make a walkway wide enough so that two people can walk together comfortably. The non-slip, permeable surface and large size of flagstone make them ideal for every patio or walkway!

At Rock & Block, a flagstone patio supplier in El Cajon and Temecula, you can choose from a whole range of colors, patterns. All you have to do is find the one that’s most appealing and fits your environment. Come stop by today!

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