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How to Clean Fire Pit Glass

Fire pit glass is a clean and cheap alternative that someone can use to replace wood. It may seem like normal, ordinary glass, but there is much more to it. The glass is created from specially tempered glass that has been broken into small pieces. It can last for long periods in fire and other high-temperature conditions without cracking or breaking. It is also used to make windows, aquariums, shower doors, and even mobile phone screens! It is both safe to use in high temperatures and is environmentally friendly since it is made from recycled glass. They come in the form of small pebbles or crystals. Their crystal shape looks similar to cut diamonds or other precious stones.

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Fire pit glass does not actually burn, so this also means that smoke, ash, and other harmful substances are not released into the air. It is only the natural gas that burns, which does not leave buildup. If used properly, fire pit glass rarely needs to be replaced and does not lose its color or shape.

How to Clean Fire Pit Glass

Like all items, dust can build up over time. The dust and grime can remove the aesthetic look without proper cleaning. Fortunately, a simple process exists that you can use to clean fire pit glass and make it look as good as new! It does not require any fancy, store-bought solution but simple dish soap and water.

Step 1: Put on a pair of protective gloves. These will prevent shards from injuring palms and fingers.

Step 2: Take the fire pit glass out. If glass shards are present, remove them and throw them away.

Step 3: Place the fire pit glass pieces into a smaller colander, strainer, or sieve. It is best to use small handfuls to achieve a thorough cleaning.

Step 4: Use common dish soap to clean the fire pit glass. You can also create your own mixture with common water and vinegar. It is easy to do outside with the watering hose or inside in the kitchen sink.

Step 5: Use water to rinse thoroughly.

Step 6: Leave the fire pit glass out to drain and dry before putting them back.
Pretty simple, right? Fire pit glass is very easy to maintain. Of course, that does not mean you are not allowed to change the fire glass out whenever you desire. Many customers will rotate it out with the seasons, adding various different colors, hues, or shades to their fire pits.

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Other Methods

Besides cleaning with water and soap, other methods can be considered without affecting the coloration quality of the fire pit glass pieces. If you use propane in place of natural gas, the fire pit glass will need to be cleaned more often, along with your fire pit itself. Soot will build up inside quicker with propane in place of natural gas. Propane also burns darker, so the glass pieces will also become discolored faster using propane. To avoid excessive cleaning, choose a glass color that is darker, such as midnight black. If you do not wish to use darker shades, lighter-colored pieces can be placed around the edges, as discoloration usually occurs when the glass makes direct contact with the flame.

Propane is also heavier compared to natural gas, so an LP converter or an air mixer should be used so that the gas can become lighter. A pan burner should also be installed to keep the gas from falling. This will keep the gas flowing smoothly and bring the desired effect the fire pit glass can give.

With no wood burning, ash, soot, smoke, and other contaminants will not be released into the air. Switching to a natural gas fireplace or fire pit will not only eliminate extra cleaning, such as shoveling old ash out and needing to clean up yourself afterward, but it is also better for the environment. You only need to clean the fire glass occasionally to keep the clean look. It is a win-win deal! Less cleaning and more environmentally friendly! What else could you ask for in this bargain?

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