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How Retaining Walls Complement Your Property

Retaining walls serve various purposes, whether that is adding to the yard’s foundation or creating a more private space. All customers that add retaining walls have given positive reviews about them, no matter what reason they are used for. From redirecting runoff to transforming the backyard completely, there are many reasons to invest in retaining walls.

  1. Help Prevent Erosion

The most crucial aspect of any yard upgrade is ensuring it lasts. Retaining walls are an excellent investment to keep your yard protected and preserved. When placed correctly, retaining walls can redirect water runoff and prevent erosion in the more essential parts of your yard. While erosion may not seem like a massive problem for backyards at first glance, it can cause a lot of damage over time. This can especially be true to the foundation. Erosion and water damage can make the ground unstable, making it dangerous for the rest of your home as well.

  1. Make Your Yard More Enjoyable

Retaining walls do not always have to be huge structures to be put to use. They can even be built into the landscape itself to make the lawn more enjoyable. A popular use for retaining walls is maintaining privacy. Doing that will allow you to wander your yard in peace without being disturbed by onlookers.

You can also install smaller retaining walls to be used as seating walls. Adding natural seating to the landscape will significantly heighten the appeal of any yard. They are beneficial for social gatherings or even natural seating around a fire pit. They can even be used in place of landscaping rocks. With several different designs, there are various options you can choose from, and pick the one that is right for your yard.

  1. Strengthen Your Home Foundation

As mentioned before, installing a retaining wall for your backyard will redirect runoff water from important structures, especially your home’s foundation. Over time, erosion can significantly damage the foundation of your house and backyard. This will reduce the stability of the ground, making it unsafe for structures and more prone to collapse, especially during natural disasters.

  1. Variety of Materials to Build Retaining Walls

If you want to build a retaining wall, there are several materials you will need to get started. First, you will need to choose what to use as your base. You can use anything from wood, concrete blocks, and natural or landscaping rocks. You can try things like brick, poured concrete, and stone veneer for a more unique option. Once you have decided on the base, you will need pipe drains, gravel backfill, soil compaction, and weep holes. Talk with a professional contractor or research online to see which kind does not require much material. You are sure to find something that will complement your tastes and yard.

Does My Yard Need a Retaining Wall?

If you live in an area known for its water runoff, building a retaining wall may be necessary not only for safety’s sake but also for the home’s value. Retaining walls provide extra support for additional architectural items and structures in the yard. From a scientific perspective, retaining walls act against the gravitational force of the hill, which will help the soil beneath remain stable. With a plateau-like ground in place, the runoff water will be easier to break apart and not cause as much damage.

If your home is on a higher elevation, you will not have to worry about flooding as much. However, the landscape may not leave much room for large gatherings or other entertainment. In this case, a set of small retaining walls, like a small set of steps, would be a good use of the extra space.

It is the houses at the bottom of hills that need to truly take flooding into consideration. A larger retaining wall would bed best, as it can protect your home from water runoff and erosion. It’s also recommended to look into other forms of drainage as well buy retaining wall blocks in la mesa

No matter what elevation your house is located on, having a retaining wall will not only help to control water runoff and protect your garden from flooding caused by heavy rain but will also increase the value of your home significantly. A yard with good walk space, naturally-looking seating, and plenty of clean, well-managed space for play, work, or rest is bound to attract lots of attention.

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