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How Much Does a Gas Fire Pit Cost?

Fire Pit Material Costs

Many variables determine the final fire pit cost. Below is a detailed list of the materials to consider for your fire pit project.

  1. Fuel Supply

Fire pits can not run without a fuel source. Typically, 20-pound propane tanks are used, like the ones used to power an outdoor barbeque. However, a propane tank will significantly limit the burners you can use. Consider using a natural gas line instead if you want a larger fire feature.

The price range for a natural gas line relies on the installation. One foot can cost between $15-$25, including installing pipe size, type, and other labor costs. A gas plumber should also be brought in to inspect the line, costing further fees.

  1. Enclosure Size and Construction

The size and materials used to construct the enclosure will also determine the cost. Ordering a paver block kit from a local shop will save on shipping costs. Other materials that are also usable are brick, concrete, or stone enclosures. Depending on the type you choose will also affect the cost. You can also order an unfinished enclosure kit, offering access to custom stone, tile, and masonry.

  1. Fire Pit Insert

Inserts come in three main categories. The best one depends on what you set as your fire pit cost. The first is stainless steel burners are the most common ones used and come reasonably priced. They offer a durable design, which is meant to last through years of usage. There are also brass burners. They are the most durable burners and can last for the longest time in all conditions. However, they are also the most expensive option. There are also standard steel burners. They are not as common as stainless steel and brass. It’s recommended to only order this type under certain conditions, as this option is the least durable.

  1. Ignition Type

Ignition types can be anything from simple match lit systems to complex electronic ignitions, including flame sensors and other control options. The cost can increase to several thousand dollars. Some ignitions also require electrical power to be available to the fire pit, adding additional fees. The most expensive systems are not always the best, as simple match lit systems have their own benefits and fewer maintenance requirements. Since it’s mechanical, it can be easily used and is very reliable.

  1. Fire Pit Media

Fire pit media is crucial for a gas fire pit. Lava rock and fire pit glass are the two most popular mediums to use. Using lava rock provides a classic look and is the less expensive option of the two. Fire pit glass is the more contemporary option and provides more color customization options. It also lasts longer, which will break down after years of use and need to be replaced. Overall, both mediums perform well, so it’s down to personal preference of which of the two you’ll use.

  1. Fire Pit Accessories

While the main materials and installation process will take up most of your fire pit cost, like many outdoor amenities, fire pits also come with their fair share of additional accessories and functions. 

For example, adding a wind guard would be a smart investment if you live in an area where windy weather is common. It is also helpful in keeping smaller children and animals away from the open flames.

If you use an electronic ignition system in your fire pit, adding a switch, remote control, or timer will help customize your fire pit further. Adding an emergency stop or a safety timer would be a wise choice for safety. They may even be required depending on where you live.

Finally, you should add a cover, whether a hard burner cover or a soft cover. Even if it’s not frequent in your area, snow and rain can corrode even the highest-quality material fire pit over time. It will also prevent debris like sticks, leaves, and other forms of nature from getting into your burner.

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Fire Pit Alternatives

Besides worrying about the fire pit cost, some people just want something simple in their yard that doesn’t require much heavy construction. Fortunately, there is a solution for this. Fire tables have grown in popularity and are an excellent alternative for a fire pit. They act as all-in-one units and double as a coffee table in the morning and a fire pit at night. High-quality material is used so that they are built to last. They also come with a generous warranty just in case.

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