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Guide to Using Decorative Stone for Gardens

Are your plants looking good, blossoming, and bringing attention to your home, but you just can’t lose the feeling that your home garden is missing something? Perhaps it is decorative rocks! Not only does decorative rock improve the functionality and aesthetic of your garden, but it also retains water and keeps the plants moisturized longer without using too much of your water. Using stones in your garden saves you money and helps save the environment in the long run due to their retention of water. Stones even save your plants, so if you forget to water your plants for a couple of days, they won’t wither away because of the moisture stored in the decorative rocks!

Different Types of Decorative Rocks

Different types of decorative rocks hold different purposes, which is what makes them so convenient. Most rocks even have multiple benefits. Let’s break down those purposes, rock by rock:

If you are looking for rocks to specifically add to aesthetics, river pebbles are the best bet. River pebbles are round and smooth, commonly used as decoration around plants. Most often, they come in different shades of gray and tan.

Boulders are the largest option for decorative rocks, typically used to highlight the centerpiece area of gardens. They can also be used to build walls, pond walls, or as a driveway accessory.

If you are specifically looking for decorative rocks that assist with drainage, choose gravel. Their drainage of excess water can help prevent damage to the foundation. Gravel is available in various sizes, colors, and shapes. Ideal use for it is the drainage for flower beds. You can find gravel in gray, tan, white, and many other colors. Gravel is also used very often in driveways, walkways, and patio areas. 

Flagstone is a large, flat stone that is often used for ground coverage for patios, pathways or other paving purposes. At Rock and Block Hardscape Supply, our flagstone comes in a wide variety of colors and can be used as material for fire pits.

Granite is a fine, stable decorative rock that can be used for pathways, driveways, and as a base beneath flagstone. Granite provides a finished, natural look and can be found in tan, brown, and gray.

Find Inspiration & Run With It

You can find inspiration for decorative rock use in more places than you think! Start being more observant of your surroundings at businesses, parks, or around the city, and you will be impressed with the endless use decorative rocks provide. You can also notice this in movies, television series, or even by searching online “creative uses for decorative rock.” Create a mood board of your different rock ideas, and also brainstorm how you could make your garden different and truly stand out to visitors and passersby

How to Stand Out With Decorative Rock

A great way to make your home’s exterior stand out is to build a retaining wall. If you are in search of decorative rocks in Temecula or El Cajon, such as retaining wall blocks, Rock and Block Hardscape Supply has you covered. Retaining walls are fairly simple to install, reliable and add attractiveness to your home’s exterior. We offer versatile, durable and charming retaining wall blocks in different designs. Retaining wall blocks can be used to control erosion, serve as a border to a garden, or to add beauty to a garden as a planter box.

To make the most of decorative rock for your garden, designate an area of your yard to be a “rock garden” in which you use different colors or shades of pebbles to create a shape or design. If you are looking for decorative rocks in Temecula or El Cajon for this project, it may stay in place year-round with California’s weather!

Different colors of rocks can also be used to bring out the colors of your flower beds. Use rocks that either match or contrast the colors of your flowers to truly make your garden pop. White rocks are always a beautiful choice for flower gardens, and gray decorative rocks are often chosen for flower gardens as well because of their neutral tone.

If you want to find the right decorative rocks in Temecula or El Cajon for your garden, or you simply want ideas on how you can make your garden prosper with decorative rocks, give Rock and Block Hardscape Supply a call today!

Guide to Using Decorative Stone for Gardens

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