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Flagstone or Pavers. Which Do You Choose?

Flagstone or Pavers.  Which Do You Choose?

Are you contemplating revamping your patio, front entryway, or driveway and are not sure whether you want to go with pavers or flagstone? Read on to find out the best hardscape solution that suits you. 

Cost Considerations of Flagstone


Flagstone can be pricier, particularly when you are purchasing quality materials and using proper installation. If you are choosing to create a flagstone path, then it doesn’t make much sense to do it any other way than using top-grade items and employing a skilled installation team. 

The installation of flagstone and the cost of the material is going to range drastically. Naturally, it will stretch anywhere from $15 per square foot to $20 per square foot, all contingent on the material you select, and the capability of the crew. Some prices are up to $30 per square foot. Natural flagstone plaster must be reapplied around two to four years in-between applications.

Cost Considerations of Pavers 

The key distinction of pavers is that they are a fabricated product as opposed to natural flagstones. This implies all the variables that go into creating paving stones are monitored within a facility. Having controlled variables as opposed to inconsistency is considered a good thing, so the durability of the product can be warranted. Pavers may cost at least $13 per square foot to fix in your home. A lower price than that may mean questionable materials or installation methods.

Comparing The Two 

The cost of flagstone and pavers differs depending on which stones you choose. Presuming you were thinking of choosing a quality flagstone and a quality paver, then pavers are likely half the cost. Pavers are not just attractive regarding the cost, but there are several colors to pick from! You have extra design options, and more importantly, they are supported by a lifetime product guarantee to protect against cracking and breaking. As pavers are produced in a regulated atmosphere, you do not need to worry about the stone deteriorating over time. This can be a good alternative for smaller budgets. These pros and cons should be considered and weighed based on your needs. 

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