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Fire Pit Ideas for Summer 2021 | Rock & Block

Summer is approaching, which means it is time for nights outside around the fire with friends and family. Fire pits are a great way to add to the relaxing appeal of your backyard. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to the design and type of fire pits, but we have listed different ideas for your gas fire pit or wood burning fire pit! 

At Rock and Block, we make fire pits in San Diego look truly exquisite with our selection of American Fire Glass. To add functionality to your home’s exterior, look into our various types of stone and brick to build around whatever fire pit you decide to go with. Contact us today if you are interested in building a fire pit and want to learn about the different types of propane, gas, and wood-burning outdoor fire pits. We can assist with both wood-fuelled and gas-fuelled pits.


fire pits
fire pits

Ideas for Gas Fire Pits

Propane fire pits are the most popular choice in this day and age with their simplicity when it comes to igniting flames with them. Propane fire pits are oftentimes rated a whopping 50,000 BTU for their flame presence. You could place a propane fire pit on a patio made of our flagstone for a super classy, modern, and functional look, and build the pit with bricks that complement the color of the flagstone patio. This would also look great away from the patio, as the center of attention in the middle of your backyard.

Ideas for Wood Burning Fire Pits

Wood-burning fire pits typically have large basins, some made with cast iron, others with steel, metal, etc. The larger the basin, the longer-lasting the fires will be. Choose stones to go into your wood-burning fire pit that complements the color of the bricks you build your fire pit with as well as the color of your home’s exterior. We have not only the bricks to build the exterior of the pit, but also the stones, rocks and pebbles to place into the pit! If you really want to make your fireplace the centerpiece of your backyard, add on a dramatic effect with our wide selection of American Fire Glass. Our champagne fire glass pairs gorgeous with the flames.

Again, making the decision on which type of fire pit you would like for your yard is completely up to you. The most contemporary designs typically come with propane fire pits, but for a classic look with a modern twist, check out wood-burning fire pits! You could even buy a very basic fire pit and build around it with our various types of bricks and stone. Have fun with your fire pit project. After all, the outdoor fireplace will be the center of fun times with friends and family.

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