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Essential Tips for Garden Decorative Stone

Are you at the point where you know you want to use garden decorative stone in your yard, but you are not quite sure what to do with it? Are you also having trouble finding the type of stone you want when Googling, “garden pebbles near me’? Well worry no more, we have plenty of garden pebbles available for the San Diego area, and in this article, we will break down some ideas that could help break your creative barrier when it comes to uses for decorative garden stones.


Pebbles in gardens or their own beds are low-maintenance and highly attractive.

Pebbles help retain water and prevent soil erosion for plants and flowers in your garden, but they also bring your yard to life in beds of their own.


Mix and match different colors of stone.

White garden pebbles and whiterocks for gardens are very cool for this tip. Try mixing white garden pebbles with other colors of pebbles, like gray or black. This mixture is super eye-catching around pathways and adds vibrance to your yard.


Match stones with the raised plant beds they are in.

That’s right, color-coordination is important for stones too, not just clothes! Try matching stones with raised plant beds and plants themselves. How cool would it be to have white and brown flowers with a mixture of white and brown rocks around them?


Flagstone is perfect for building patios.

Are you having trouble finding the right material for your backyard patio? Don’t go the boring route of just using concrete, build a flagstone patio! Not only is it more attractive and classy, but it is also better for the environment than concrete. 


Flagstone pavers work for more than just patios.

Flagstone pavers are so classy looking that you want to use it for more than just one application. You can also use them for walkways, stepping stones and pool decks.


Stone feature walls add character to hills in your yard.

Do you have a hilly yard that you think is impossible to build anything in? Worry no more. Stone feature walls are aesthetically pleasing on their own, but if you want to get even more creative, add a garden at the top of the hill.


Use stones to bring outdoor walls to life.

The outside of your home can be boring if it just consists of shingles or bricks. Bring it to life by adding wall inserts full of decorative stone.


Let stones bring small ponds or fountains to life.

Perhaps the most elegant use of decorative stone is when it is placed around water features in your yard. Make your yard feel like a cozy dream by adding some of our various types of decorative rocks and stone to your water features, or using our products to build water features.


Large stones are brilliant for pathways.

Do you ever think about buying large stones, but you just don’t know what you would do with them? Use them to illuminate your pathways and driveways.


Stones can be used as pots, too!

Have you ever seen an oddly-shaped stone that has a hollow dip in it? You have found a gem! Use the stone as a planter for flowers or other plants. It will certainly retain water and protect soil better than pots made of other materials.

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