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Enhance Your Outdoor Living Space with Retaining Walls

If you live in a congested neighborhood, you may feel you are not getting the most out of your outdoor living space. You might be stumped on what to do because the terrain is not level, and it is difficult to plan anything substantial, but perhaps a retaining wall will suffice. So, what is a retaining wall? How much does it cost to build? You could have more questions than answers and may need some direction before starting this project. 

Well, we can help answer those questions! Read on to learn more about retaining walls. 

What is a retaining wall, and do you need one? In simple terms, a retaining wall is a large and sturdy wall made out of different materials. It is one of the more well-known features of a home’s outdoor landscape, and homeowners who build them usually want it to be as beautiful as they are functional.

They are mainly built on outdoor living spaces to withstand soil pressure and can also be used to extend the surface area of a property, boundary, or even preserve an existing ground. Additionally, they are used to create a level surface using materials like stones, pavers, wood, and more. Retaining walls can serve various purposes, which is why you should hire a retaining wall contractor with experience to do the job!

Let’s look at a few of the cost factors to keep in mind while installing a retaining wall:

  1. Per Square Footage

One of the most important factors to keep in mind while building a retaining wall is the area that is to be covered and the cost per square foot. This is dependent on the length and height of the wall and the number of walls being constructed. Another key factor is the height of the retaining wall; the higher the wall, the higher the cost. You should carefully scope and measure the area where you want to construct your wall before choosing the raw materials.

2. Materials 

The type of material used is another important factor in influencing the cost of building a retaining wall. The cost of each item varies; from the cost of raw material to additional charges, including construction materials. There are low-cost materials, such as wood, and higher-cost materials, such as concrete stones and natural stones. Wood is the most commonly used material, as it is affordable, simple to use, transport, and install. The main disadvantage of using wood is its susceptibility to decay and lack of structural stability. On the other hand, concrete stones or natural stones are more expensive and long-lasting. The biggest downside of such materials is that they are difficult to DIY and require professional assistance to build. These are only a few of the many resources available to build retaining walls. Choose from different materials that suit your needs, wants, and use.

3. Installation Costs

We do not always have the time or the right skills to build a retaining wall. Depending on the scope of the job, it can be a simple do-it-yourself project or a labor-intensive one. Smaller jobs can often be completed with the support of family and friends. However, if the project is larger and includes using materials such as natural stones, expert assistance may be required to engineer the project. Be smart, examine your budget, and then make decisions based on your construction needs.

4. Decorative Touches

Retaining walls are not just massive construction structures in your backyard. They are created to solve functional problems and add to a property’s aesthetic appeal. Today’s retaining walls are designed to fit in with the surroundings and choices of homeowners. They can also be made to match the pool walls or the general outdoor living space of a property.  

5. Additional Costs

Building a retaining wall is not just about the wall itself. There is a slew of extra expenses to consider.  If your garden has a slope, you may want to flatten it by removing weeds, plants, and other unwanted materials. While building a retaining wall is a smart and practical concept, always plan, consider your budget, and then build a retaining wall!

Let us help you improve your landscape design with wall blocks and retaining walls. 

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