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Decorative Rock You Need To Use In Your Landscape Design

Decorative rocks, an integral element of landscaping rocks, are used to enhance the layout of any landscape. The unique rocks add decorative flair to your gardens, yards, lawns, or outdoors. Decorative rocks come in various shapes and sizes that can be incorporated effortlessly as a single rock type or mixed-matched.

When you use decorative rocks in your landscaping, you can easily produce unique styles to add texture and volume to embellish any area. It’s also a great way to help prevent weed growth and protect your foliage! The variety of decorative landscaping rocks available include cobbles, pavers, stepping stones, flagstone, river rock, and pebbles. Curious how you can incorporate these stones in your backyard oasis? We’ll tell you!

Different Kinds of Landscaping Rocks:

Landscaping rocks accessorize your open spaces to create visually appealing structures along with durability, adaptability, and design. Decorative landscaping rocks can be divided into six categories:


Also known as garden stones or beach pebbles, cobbles are medium-sized developed curved stones. Their naturally rounded properties help build dividers, water sources, decks, patios, walkways, and other hardscapes. Cobblestones are popular decorative landscaping rocks that provide aesthetically appealing end results to create a seamless pathway. The stones can be evenly constructed for flat surfaces as well. They add emphasis to your landscape and can blend easily with other rock materials. The versatility of cobbles allows you to create a unique style with a great focal point of your landscape.


Pavers are an ideal granite paving rock type that is easily incorporated into outdoor spaces because of their lasting toughness and robustness. These firm rocks are shaped to form large stones or bricks, creating visually attractive walkways and patios. Pavers are highly popular because of their functionality. Each paver can be spaced out while creating pathways to enable rain, water, hail, and dirt to clear out through the formed intersections.

Stepping Stone

Stepping stones are the perfect choice of landscaping rocks to create natural pathways throughout your garden. These natural stone components are made up of granite, sandstone, limestone, and slate that help form steady pathways. Stepping stones subtle properties of earthy tones easily blend into outdoor settings.

Some tips for arranging stepping stones in unique ways:

  • Lay the stones towards the center attraction point like a fountain
  • Connect the stones with similar textures or colors
  • Create interesting patterns in your garden


This stone type is used to create one-of-a-kind patios and pathway spaces that are sturdy and visually attractive. Flagstone comes in various forms and sizes and is made of limestone, granite, or slate, with patio and select being the most popular type. Patio flagstone size ranges from 12” to 18” tiles used to make patios, pathways, and stepping stones. While select flagstone is 18” to 36” natural slabs of rectangular and square shapes. These stones can be layered into sand or concrete surfaces to create strong hard floors. These sturdy stones can be used for both internal and external features, such as decorative landscapes, floorboards, planks, and other elements.

River Rock

River Rocks are ideal for landscaping design because they help transform your yard into a compelling oasis. These rocks obtain a smooth texture by being continuously washed down from running water and are small and sleek. They are versatile rocks that work well in garden beds, water fountains, ponds and even can function as mulch in some spaces. 

Additionally, these rocks are economical to use because of their long-lasting properties and do not require tedious upkeep every year. They are easily accessible and available in the required shape, size, or color to match your preference. River rocks are about an inch in size and are available in warm earthy colors such as brown and gray.


One of the most common forms of decorative landscaping rock, pebbles, are smooth rounded stones available in a variety of sizes and colors that can seamlessly blend with the features in your yard. Decorative pebbles are made of stones such as quartz, jasper, green aventurine, or even agate. This versatile choice is the primary component in many outdoor layouts such as pathways, stepping stones, and setts.

Pebbles are used extensively in outdoor designs because they add an element of nature that opens spaces. Incorporating pebbles is also a great way to increase the visual impact of water elements and garden elements. Pebbles can help protect soil from extreme temperatures, prevent weed growth, and elevate the visual appeal of your garden.

Are you still unsure about which stone best suits your landscape design? Make the right choice while choosing your landscaping rocks and decorative rocks to create the garden of your dreams. Learn more about landscaping rocks and decorative rocks to enhance the look of your home. Call us or visit us today!

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