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Learn About The Benefits Of A Flagstone Patio

How To Make Your Patio Look Great
Flagstones are soft and can be cut in different shapes to form attractive patterns on the ground. In fact, you can create beautiful patios with grass, moss, or other ground cover growing between the flagstones. Some of the popular plants that are grown in the spaces between flagstones are thyme, dichondra, sedum, and baby tears. There are many types of flagstones, but the ones generally used to pave patios are slate, sandstone, and limestone. These are durable, and they are slip-resistant naturally, which are other reasons for its popularity.

Flagstone patio

A patio can be found adjoining a residence and is used as a dining space or for recreation. It is not attached to the residence like a porch is, rather it is detached. It is often paved with cobbles, bricks, gravel, flagstone, or other materials. Flagstone is a popular material used for paving said patios as it allows rainwater to permeate into the earth through the packed narrow joints. Permeation happens because flagstones are sedimentary stones that are porous and previous. Flagstones give patios a natural look as they come in rich shades of brown, gray, blue, or red.

A patio can be created in formal settings such as guest houses or restaurants, whereas more informal ones can be found adjoining residences. Flagstones are laid randomly if they are going to be used informally, but for more formal settings, more attention is given to creating a specific pattern. Crazy paving or irregular patterns help to emphasize the natural shape of the flagstones used. The gaps are either mortared or filled with groundcover and smaller natural stones. Strong and rugged wooden furniture is a suitable choice for irregularly paved patios and adds a great look! In formal settings, a distinct pattern is created with mortared surfaces, which helps to create a smooth surface where any kind of patio furniture is possible.

Making Flagstone Patios Affordable

Flagstones can enhance the appearance of an area but can be a little expensive depending on the type of flagstone used as well as the color. The area to be paved and the amount of flagstone needed also determines the cost of paving. Homeowners often use flagstones along with concrete, manufactured pavers, or bricks, to help offset the cost as a solution.

Start creating your perfect patio today with flagstone pavers!

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