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How to use flagstone patio benefits & Installation

Are you looking to remodel the outdoor areas of your property, and are looking to build a flagstone patio? If you are an outdoor enthusiast and want to add the “wow” factor to your outdoor area, we suggest the use of flagstones. Flagstone is a versatile decorative rock that is suitable for everyone. As every individual piece is natural and distinct, it is usually flatter than most natural patios and pathways. It may be a good decorative rock for your outdoor space, but it depends on your outdoor living demands.

What is Flagstone?

These natural stones are also known as Bluestone or Slate and are undoubtedly one of the most fascinating and visually pleasing hardscape materials available. Flagstone is made from natural elements that have some benefits over other natural decorative rocks or landscape rocks. One advantage is that each item is unique and has a rich, natural appearance. Flagstone works well in both indoor, outdoor, and natural surroundings. Our team of professionals will happily cater to all your needs and install flagstones or create a flagstone patio for your outdoor living areas.

An additional fascinating application for flagstone is the use of naturalized stepping stones, often known as steppers, which can be installed in outdoor areas that cannot be easily accessed. They’re particularly useful in wooded areas because they create a decent pathway that helps you keep clear of the mud and dirt. These natural stones are usually placed on a compacted gravel bed to prevent imbalance or instability.

Different Kinds of Flagstone Design and Shapes

The advantage of flagstone is that its natural and unique patterns allow homeowners to choose from a variety of landscaping designs. There is no limitation to incorporating this stone into your outdoor living space. You should keep in mind that this natural stone needs to be placed on some base material so that you can easily connect your outdoor living areas. If you are looking for contemporary, present-time designs, you should stick to a more firm, steady pattern, not to mention clear lines. You can also opt for uneven size and random patterns to form a more natural design for your outdoor area.

What Are Stepping Stones? 

Stepping stones are an excellent landscaping rock used for creating natural pathways throughout your garden. These natural stone components, which include granite, sandstone, limestone, and slate, aid in the formation of steady pathways or walkways. Stepping stones with natural tones effortlessly merge into outdoor environments.

Some tips for arranging stepping stones in unique ways:

  • Join the stones that have similar textures or colours
  • Make eye-catching designs in your garden
  • Place the stones toward the centre of the attraction like a fountain

What are the Benefits of a Flagstone Patio To Your Outdoor Landscape Area? 

  • Flagstones are extremely sturdy, crack resistant, and durable kinds of natural rocks, especially when included in outdoor projects. Due to their versatility flagstones are not easily damaged by termites or pests in the same way as wooden patios or planks. 
  • Flagstones such as stepping stones are very easily accessible and trouble-free  to use. Flagstones are primarily popular and less expensive to use while building patios. Flagstone’s natural elements make it less expensive compared to other forms of decorative rocks. If you are looking to order flagstone for your outdoor living project, you are making the correct choice. 
  • Flagstones are versatile in nature, and come in a range of colors, shapes and sizes. This will make your landscape artist very happy and give them freedom to experiment. 
  • Flagstones are sturdy, long-lasting, and cost-efficient that are available in various shapes and sizes.
  • Flagstone’s textured curves and ridges, similar to natural stones, are slip resistant, and help prevent water accumulation. This natural stone is perfect for creating walkways, driveways, and patios.

​​When choosing the right decorative or landscape rock for your new flagstone patio installation at home or commercial building, you can contact the experts at Rock and Block Hardscape Supply to assist you.

Process of Flagstone Patio Installation

Have you ever wondered about the process of how flagstone patios are made? Are you looking for someone’s assistance on how to build a flagstone patio? Don’t worry, we will walk you through a simple procedure on how to build a flagstone patio. Mentioned below are a few steps on how to build a flagstone patio:

  • You should prepare and grade the land of your outdoor living areas
  • You should dig out 3-6 inches of the ground 
  • Make a gravel base
  • Icnculse decomposed granite as the top layer
  • Assemble the flagstones randomly like a puzzle
  • If necessary, cut stones to fit into the ground 
  • Each individual stone should be levelled properly 
  • Then simply fill in the spaces between the stones
  • Layer the flagstones according to your liking

Learn More About Rock and Block Hardscape Supply

Rock & Block Hardscape Supply,  has been serving its customers since 1989. As a family-owned business, we understand the needs of our customers and we are always excited to help you! 

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